Call for Flagship Institutions

Call for Flagship Institutions

In our last post, we announced the official launch of VidaNovaVLE™ 1.0. We also mentioned that we are looking for a select few flagship institutions to work with us as we continue developing new features in VidaNovaVLE™.

This announcement will cover the benefits of becoming one of our flagship institutions and what we are looking for in our flagship institutions.

Our motto is We know what it takes when it comes to building solutions for delivering health sciences and professional programs, and this is true. However, the best solutions come from ideation with input from stakeholders outside of our team. Although all of our customers can provide feedback and suggestions to us at any time through our customer-first approach, flagship institutions can give input before new features are developed and deployed. Here are some of the benefits our flagship institutions will receive:

Roadmap Clarity

Flagship institutions will have unique insight into our development roadmap, with the potential to influence prioritization.

Developing Business Requirements

Flagship institutions are empowered to work with us as we define the requirements of a new feature or feature enhancement, allowing them to provide input at a very early stage of the development process. 

High-Fidelity Mock-Ups

Once we solidify business requirements, we develop high-fidelity user interface mock-ups. Before development begins, we will walk flagship institutions through our mock-ups to determine if they align with what they expect from the feature or enhancement while allowing them to provide additional feedback and insight.

Milestone-Based Demonstrations

As new features and enhancements are being developed, flagship institutions will receive demonstrations early and often as we hit development milestones, enabling them to provide feedback continuously throughout the process and potentially influencing the feature or enhancement further.

Iterative Collaborative Approach

An open, collaborative, and iterative approach to development ensures that we deliver the best product possible. Granting our flagship institutions the benefits outlined above will allow us to accomplish this together.

Pricing Discounts

Finally, our flagship institutions will receive discounted pricing in recognition of their continuous collaboration and feedback in the development and evolution of VidaNovaVLE™.

Definition of a Flagship Institution

We are looking for forward-thinking institutions that are eager to share their insights and requirements with us and believe in working collaboratively to ensure that the new features and enhancements we build meet their needs and are the best on the market. These select institutions must share our passion for creating a fresh and inviting virtual learning environment that truly brings new life to the health sciences and professional education technology space.

Flagship spots are limited, so be sure to reach out for a chance to discuss this amazing opportunity! We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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VidaNovaVLE™ by Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

Version 1.0 is available now!

Vida nova means new life in Portuguese. We named our product VidaNovaVLE™ as we are breathing new life into a space that has been missing a fit-for-purpose solution for some time.