Customer-First Approach

Customer-First Approach

We’re continuing to work towards our product launch, and while we know you’re curious to learn more about our incredible Taxonomy Management module, we’d like to take a moment to share a post focused on one of the most important reasons we love what we do: our customer-first approach and what it means to us!

One of the biggest differentiators regarding our company and our customer-first approach is our unparalleled, combined 60+ years of experience embedded within health sciences education. We spent those 60+ years working with learners, instructors, and administrative staff on all levels, from administrative/end-user support to web development and business analysis, to developing overall IT strategies. We have boots-on-the-ground experience supporting the delivery of health sciences curriculum, from day-to-day curriculum delivery operations to curricular reform, accreditation preparation, and instructor engagement reporting, as well as the recent introduction of competency-based medical education from administrative and technical perspectives.

We know what it takes to deliver a complex curriculum. We know what it takes to support instructors as they prepare to teach and assess their learners. We know what it takes to assist curricular leadership in overseeing the smooth functioning of a program from inception through to evaluation and facilitating curricular reporting to identify gaps and redundancies and opportunities for improvement and evolution. 

We know what it’s like to support learners in high-pressure academic careers, working to ensure they receive the full breadth of academic and clinical/experiential learning experiences needed for their success. We also know what it’s like to support dedicated instructors who give generously of their time and expertise to ensure the success of the future generation of healthcare/other professionals who teach and mentor learners, chair or sit on committees, are engaged in curriculum development as well as their own life-long learning, and still engage in and prioritize the care of patients/clients and their work in the community. 

We are combining all of our prior experience and expertise to deliver what we are confident will be the best customer-first approach in the market. Taking our passion for helping all of those individuals striving to teach or to learn to put their best foot forward through a fit-for-purpose virtual learning environment. We will accomplish this by leveraging the following:

  • A dedicated customer success team who will become a trusted partner in your institution’s implementation of VidaNovaVLE™
  • A customized and adaptive implementation plan that will ensure the successful transition to VidaNovaVLE™
  • Consistent and responsive support through a dedicated Slack (messaging) channel with direct access to our customer success team
  • Comprehensive training material and inline help directly within VidaNovaVLE™ for just-in-time learning, as well as the provision of recorded and in-person/virtual training
  • A passionate customer success team eager to learn about your unique use cases and assist you in determining the best strategy within VidaNovaVLE™ to meet your needs
  • A customer success team that works in tandem with our development team to ensure a clear and shared understanding of our customer’s most pressing needs, resulting in an iterative and collaborative approach to product development 
  • A forward-thinking and dynamic team who works to identify and address emerging and evolving trends in pedagogy and assessment, such as competency-based education
  • A tech stack that allows for feedback-driven plugin development, making new modules/features easier and faster to implement

We have a reputation for delivering the best customer service experience possible. One of our previous customers stated that in his 30 years of experience working with IT solution providers, he believes we delivered the best customer service/support he had ever experienced. Another previous customer shared unsolicited positive reviews on the other solution we helped bring to market via an international podcast because of our expertise and how we applied it. Our passion for the success and happiness of our customers is ingrained in our approach and the main reason we are striving to recreate these strong customer partnerships through VidaNovaVLE™. Our company name is Fenix Alma Solutions Inc. Alma means ‘soul’ in Portuguese. Soul – because we are passionate about this space, have lived and breathed it for decades, and we know what it takes to deliver in ways others don’t and, therefore, can’t.

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how we will deliver on our customer-first approach, and be sure to sign-up for our weekly updates as we work towards our January product launch.

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VidaNovaVLE™ by Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

Version 1.0 is available now!

Vida nova means new life in Portuguese. We named our product VidaNovaVLE™ as we are breathing new life into a space that has been missing a fit-for-purpose solution for some time.