User Management & Preference Setting

While there are Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there that support some user management and user preference setting features, many specialized products within the health sciences education market are sorely lacking many of them, including:

  • Bulk importing users and bulk updating user information for some or all users without developer intervention
  • Syncing with third-party student information systems (SIS) or LDAP via proven integrations
  • Supporting extensive authentication and enrolment options (e.g., user-created accounts via self-registration, SSO, Shibboleth, Oauth2, and many more!)
  • Creating custom profile fields so that admins can track and report on institution-specific data without custom development or developer intervention
  • Self-service bulk uploading and updating of user photos without developer intervention
  • User timezone settings allow users to set their preferred timezone, warning them when their browser detects a different one
  • Preferred language setting at the institutional and user level, thanks to proper multi-lingual functionality
  • User profile privacy settings that impact which roles can see what information about users throughout the site
  • Support for multiple names per user, including phonetic and alternate names

VidaNovaVLE™ supports all of the above features thanks to its robust LMS core. Our motto states, We know what it takes. After experiencing several non-traditional LMSs in health sciences education, we know that a software solution built with an actual traditional LMS at its core is critical to seamless curriculum delivery. Instructors and learners are familiar with LMS functionality, and LMSs are typically excellent at delivering content to learners. However, off-the-shelf LMS solutions lack the functionality accredited higher education programs require, including reporting on when, where, and how they teach and assess their curriculum and visualizing learner competency across their curricular framework. That’s where our unparalleled expertise comes in. We support the specialized needs of health sciences education and other accredited programs thanks to our Virtual Learning Environment’s (VLE) proprietary functionality.