Exciting News from Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

VidaNovaVLE™ - New features. New Life.

We’re thrilled to announce the Spring launch of VidaNovaVLE™ 2.0, marking a significant leap in integrated Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) for Health Sciences and Professional Education programs.

Feedback from our Flagship Institutions and prospective clients has been overwhelmingly positive. The sneak peeks at our practicum/clinical module mock-ups have sparked conversations, showcasing our commitment to a seamlessly integrated enterprise solution.

What sets VidaNovaVLE™ 2.0 apart? It’s not just a market-leading Learning Management System (LMS); it’s a comprehensive educational ecosystem supporting:

📅 Experience Scheduling

🎯 Competency-Based Education via Workplace-Based Assessments

📈 In-depth Assessment & Evaluation

📓 Experience Logging

…and blending all of this with our already robust course, session, and taxonomy management capabilities.

This is more than an upgrade; it’s a revolution in managing educational workflows, ensuring that every aspect of the learning journey is connected and enriched.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the most advanced, complete platform in the Health Sciences and Professional Education space.

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VidaNovaVLE™ by Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

Version 1.0 is available now!

Vida nova means new life in Portuguese. We named our product VidaNovaVLE™ as we are breathing new life into a space that has been missing a fit-for-purpose solution for some time.