Graduation Audit

Graduation Audit

How do you know if your learners meet all requirements for completing and passing your courses as they progress through their academic careers? Maintaining current and accurate completion and status records that can be referred to for a graduation audit at a moment’s notice requires a rigorous and constant administrative process applied consistently to all learners enrolled in your program. Often, programs are left to manage this manually, monitoring assessment completion via LMS gradebooks, results in exam delivery software, manually tracking attendance, and various checklists. The administrative burden can be incredible depending on how many sources from which your learner assessment and course completion data is collated.

Why not let VidaNovaVLE™ capture and provide that information for you? As you may recall from our Course Activities feature, there are many robust activities and assessment options in VidaNovaVLE™, and most of these can be configured so that learners must meet very specific criteria for them to be considered complete. Their successful completion can feed into the configurations set for the associated course’s successful completion.

The options available for activity completion depend on the activity type; for example, a Lesson might require a learner to spend a specific amount of time in it, make it to the end of the lesson, or meet a particular grade threshold. An Assessment might require a specific minimum grade, and a Forum might require a certain number of posts or replies.

Course completion can show a learner’s progress towards finishing the course according to specific criteria. You can choose from any or all of the following options:

  • Activity completion: You can select the activities that should count toward course completion.
  • Other course completion: Identify whether the completion of the course depends on the successful completion of another course as well. (Note that this does not restrict access to the course in any way).
  • Date: Identify a date after which the course should be considered complete.
  • Enrolment duration: Identify the number of days a learner must be enrolled for the course to be considered complete. 
  • Course grade: Set a minimum passing grade for the course to be considered complete.
  • Manual completion by others: Allows users with a specific role(s) to mark the course complete. Multiple users can be given this permission, and the setting can require that all specified users mark the course complete or that any of them can do so.

Reviewing the report compiled by VidaNovaVLE™’s course completion feature will allow you to stay on top of learner progression, ensuring that they meet expectations throughout the course and provide opportunities for support and remediation, should a learner require it. 

Want to learn more about what we can do? Be sure to sign-up for updates and click here to book a demo! We are in discussions with potential flagship institutions who want to take advantage of the few spots we have open this year to create partnerships that will allow them to potentially inform the development of future VidaNovaVLE™ features and enhancements while implementing VidaNovaVLE™ at their institution. If your institution wants to work with a customer-first company that will work closely with them to ensure success, be sure to reach out to us at Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

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VidaNovaVLE™ by Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

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Vida nova means new life in Portuguese. We named our product VidaNovaVLE™ as we are breathing new life into a space that has been missing a fit-for-purpose solution for some time.