Passion, Expertise, and Partners

Passion, Expertise, and Partners

Woven throughout our posts is the message that we are passionate about this space, and our mission is to breathe new life into the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) market by launching VidaNovaVLE™. We have spoken about our expertise and experience and how we believe it to be unparalleled by any other vendor in this space. Our team members’ passion is core to what we do and WHY we do it.

One of the biggest differentiators regarding our company and customer-first approach is our unparalleled, combined 60+ years of embedded experience in health sciences education. We spent those 60+ years working with learners, instructors, and administrative staff on all levels, from administrative/end-user support to web development and business analysis to developing overall IT strategies. We have boots-on-the-ground experience supporting the delivery of health sciences curriculum, from day-to-day curriculum delivery operations to curricular reform, accreditation preparation, and instructor engagement reporting, as well as the recent introduction of competency-based medical education from administrative and technical perspectives.

Our motto is We know what it takes to build solutions for delivering health sciences and professional programs, and this is true. However, the best solutions come from ideation with input from stakeholders outside our team. Although all of our customers can provide feedback and suggestions to us at any time through our customer-first approach, flagship institutions can give input before new features are developed and deployed, helping to shape the future of our product.

As we continue to identify our initial flagship institutions, we thought it would be helpful to resurface three of our previous posts that focused on the passion behind our “why”, our customer-first approach and what that looks like, and what it means to become a flagship institution with VidaNovaVLE™. Understanding why we do what we do and what we mean by a customer-first approach is critical to understanding how flagship institutions can believe in and benefit from this pivotal opportunity to partner with our team.

Be sure to reach out for a demo and sign up for updates to learn more about VidaNovaVLE™ and our Fenix Alma Solutions Inc. team.

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VidaNovaVLE™ by Fenix Alma Solutions Inc.

Version 1.0 is available now!

Vida nova means new life in Portuguese. We named our product VidaNovaVLE™ as we are breathing new life into a space that has been missing a fit-for-purpose solution for some time.