General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If your institution engages with European citizens, perhaps as students, faculty, or staff, or is located in Europe, you must be GDPR compliant. General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, refers to the European Union’s stringent and wide-ranging regulation regarding the protection and access to data for all people within the European Union. GDPR became enforceable on May 25, 2018, yet many LMSs and Health Sciences Education platforms do not support GDPR compliance. With VidaNovaVLE™, you’ll have GDPR support built-in! Some of the GDPR features supported in VidaNovaVLE™ include: An onboarding process for first-time users, which allows an institution/program to:

  • Define and display all required privacy statements (e.g., site, privacy, or third-party) for agreement by a user, who can then review them at any time after that
  • List and request consent for all 3rd-parties who may receive user data
  • Establish a process for consenting minors
  • Capture and record each specific consent given by a user
  • Provide direct access to a specific user, e.g., a Data Privacy Officer, who can monitor and approve subject access requests, as outlined below

Processes to comply with subject access requests (SARs) by a particular user, including:

  • A request to retrieve all personal user data
  • A request to erase all identifiable personal user data, also known as “the right to be forgotten”
  • A request to modify user data

GDPR support within VidaNovaVLE™ also includes creating and maintaining a data registry to define a purpose and retention period for the data stored in VidaNovaVLE™.

At Fenix Alma Solutions Inc., we understand the importance of data protection and privacy, so we built our virtual learning environment to support compliance with GDPR, ensuring it isn’t an afterthought!